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Nippon, Nihon, Japon!

Canadian x Japan

12/5/15 06:19 pm - Has it been eight years??

Hi there!

Has it been eight years since I've used LJ??!!! ''Account created in 2007''. I was an avid Arashi fan and had (only) two kids at that time.

Fast forward to 2015. I have a 7 year old son (he's my youngest) and next year, my oldest starts junior high!?! In 2007 I lived in Kofu, Yamanashi. I've lived in Inzai, Chiba for almost six years!!!!

I'm still an Arashi fan but I've added ex-AKB48 Itano Tomomi to my music list and dropped Ayu (Hamasaki Ayumi). I also enjoy Grimes' music.

The reason why I'm on LJ again is the EGL community. I've been lurking for the past few weeks, enjoying the informative posts.

I may be 41 years old but my lolita obsession is at its strongest. Many 'Gothic and lolita' issues later, I have publicly admitted to my 'akogare' (look up to? want to be?). I have come up with a summer coord but I haven't got the chance to wear it. Mottainai na〜.

I might forever silently vow my absolute admiration for lolita...

9/6/07 07:37 am - Thanks!!

I wanted to publicly credit AYISSE (http://ayisse.livejournal.com/ ) for the userpic I currently have.  Awesomeness!! Thank you!!!

9/5/07 11:28 pm - Oh yeah, I need to use English, haha.

So my first post entry was in French. That's my mother tongue, although I only use it with my children now.  Argh, keeping a journal is something I excelled at back in high school... decades ago!!  
So let's see... why did I get a LJ?  So I could check out other Arashi freaks.  Yes, I called myself a freak.  I used to be a Laruku freak, and I still am a Hamasaki Ayumi hardcore fan.  Why did I have to fall for Arashi...?  My husband likes to make fun of me, he calls me "miira" (japanese), or "latest trend follower".  But but but...!!!! After seeing Nino in Letters from Iwajima (all in Japanese, oh my!), I've been bothered by his presence.  Having my best friend in Kofu obsess about Matsujun didn't help either...  it propelled me heart first into Arashi.  33 years old and my first boy band...!!  I've even joined their fan club in the hopes of going to see a concert next year!!
Okay, well, I'm going to sign off here because there's nothing really interesting about what I'm writing.  また。。。いつか!

9/5/07 11:15 pm - Un journal intime...

Ca fait si longtemps que je n'ai pas tenu un journal intime.  Le travail m'en a empeche, ensuite ce fut la naissance de mes filles.  Dire que j'etais plein d'ambition lorsque je suis debarquee au Japon il y a presque 7 ans!!!  Les soirees agriculturelles de Ryuo qui allaient faire triompher le courant latifrancesque...  helas!  je me suis fait entrainer dans l'engrenage du travail... puis apres l'arrivee de Kaede et Arisa, pas de temps libre!!!  Un jour je retournerai a l'ecriture, a l'etude de la ceremonie du the, a l'etude des kanji... un jour...   
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