mfkaedearisa (mfkaedearisa) wrote,

Oh yeah, I need to use English, haha.

So my first post entry was in French. That's my mother tongue, although I only use it with my children now.  Argh, keeping a journal is something I excelled at back in high school... decades ago!!  
So let's see... why did I get a LJ?  So I could check out other Arashi freaks.  Yes, I called myself a freak.  I used to be a Laruku freak, and I still am a Hamasaki Ayumi hardcore fan.  Why did I have to fall for Arashi...?  My husband likes to make fun of me, he calls me "miira" (japanese), or "latest trend follower".  But but but...!!!! After seeing Nino in Letters from Iwajima (all in Japanese, oh my!), I've been bothered by his presence.  Having my best friend in Kofu obsess about Matsujun didn't help either...  it propelled me heart first into Arashi.  33 years old and my first boy band...!!  I've even joined their fan club in the hopes of going to see a concert next year!!
Okay, well, I'm going to sign off here because there's nothing really interesting about what I'm writing.  また。。。いつか!

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